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We are still seeing black caddis around on the warmer sunny days with no wind. We are mainly fishing dry droppers. Our setup recently has consisted mostly as a caddis imitation in varying sizes as the dry and some sort of smaller natural fly as a dropper. The droppers are usually a zebra midges, pheasant tails, caddis pupas, and soft hackles of varying sizes and colors. We are mostly picking up brown trout right now throughout the tailwater from Tammen Park down to Horseshoe Bend. This will change here soon once the seasonal stockings begin. We have had a lot of rain the past few weeks causing the tributaries to flow a little higher, which is what we have needed for awhile. I think this makes the fish happier and us also in our drift boats. All the rain has also brought on more water releases, which have been great for our high water streamer float trips. We have been having good success on our high water streamer trips here lately, especially on overcast days with low pressure. Give me a shout for more information on our Toccoa river fly fishing trip options.

Toccoa River Brown Trout in Blue Ridge, GA

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