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Updated: Mar 11

It’s February on the Toccoa river and that means two things, streamer fishing and the caddis hatch. Each year, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the caddis hatch on the Toccoa River, a natural spectacle that ignites a feeding frenzy among trout. The river seems to comes alive with the emergence of the caddisflies, trout rise to the surface to feed on these insects, creating prime conditions for us to test our skills with dry flies. We are already seeing some caddis on the warmer days with no wind. The best is yet to come if the weather cooperates!

Here lately with the high flows we have been streamer fishing for big brown trout. We are targeting these bigger fish using 7-8wt rods with sink tip lines and various streamer patterns. This kind of fishing isn’t for everyone, it is a lot of casting, but can be very rewarding if you put your time in on the water. If you can catch the weather just right with a low pressure day on high water, then your improve your odds. Contact me about setting up one of these guided streamer trips.

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